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Growing 3,000 subscribers per month on average


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Real estate professionals are busy. CRE Daily is the solution.

We use Smart Brevity™ to earn readers' attention across platforms.

 Unique tone & voice: Everything we do is easy to read, informative, & to the point.

 Real relationships: We build connections with our readers that start with action and follow with engagement.

 Subject-matter experts: Our expert-driven content attracts a valuable audience of affluent decision-makers and professionals.

Connect with decision-makers

🎯 Reach accredited and private investors, owners, landlords, developers, lenders, brokers, GPs, media professionals, and service providers in commercial real estate.

🏢 Our subscriber base works and holds investments in a wide range of asset classes. Their primary focus is multifamily, industrial, retail, mixed-use, office, and self-storage properties.

💰️ CRE Daily’s subscribers control and operate over $300 billion worth of properties across the US and globally.

Audience Demographics

National coverage in your primary markets

CRE Daily reaches professionals across the U.S., with a focus on Texas, New York, California, and Florida, plus MSA’s like Austin, Nashville, Phoenix, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami.


of our audience are founders, CEOs, or principals in their organization




Bachelor's degree or higher


Work in decision-making positions

$475k HHI

(10% earn $1M+ annually)


Average age

20 years

Avg. of commercial real estate experience


Hold investments in Stocks / Bonds / Mutual Funds


Are rental property owners. 44% own multiple properties


Hold investments in Commercial Real Estate


Hold investments in Cryptocurrencies

What clients are saying…

“CRE Daily is our most efficient marketing platform. The readers are engaged and trusting of CRE Daily as a brand. The team has been incredible in offering valuable feedback, effective copywriting, and much more. The partnership extends far beyond transactional. We signed a year-long advertising agreement after just one beta test. I just wished we could've sponsored more!” 

–Niko, Founder of BetterPitch

“CREDaily has been a great way for us to connect with potential customers. We've tried a few different newsletters in the past, but none of them had anywhere near the engagement that we've seen from CREDaily. From our very first ad run, we've been able to generate high quality leads, and as of this past week we've just closed our first deal with a few more in our pipeline!”

–Bryan Sbriglia, Operations at AirGarage

"Working with CRE Daily has been such a pleasure. Unlike working with big media, I have a very personal relationship with the CRE Daily leadership team and they really guide us to make the most out of our sponsorship with them so that it’s most beneficial for our business. The content is engaging, refreshing and unique and the structure of the newsletter captivates you all the way through the entire email. As a sponsor of the newsletter I couldn’t be more satisfied with how the newsletter is growing and bringing in the right audience to our business."

– Eric Roseman, CRO of Xeal

“We’ve seen tremendous success from our partnership with CRE Daily. Beyond their high-quality list of real estate investors is a group of seasoned marketing pros who understand how to drive results. We have had numerous qualified investor calls from our ads in their newsletter. Highly recommend it to any syndicator or commercial real estate company seeking to prospect for new investors or launch a product.”

– David Lilley, Founder & CEO of Reap Capital


Three ways to leverage CRE Daily to generate awareness and leads

Daily Newsletter

📈 CRE Daily is the #1 commercial real estate newsletter in the US and growing quickly adding 2,500+ new subscribers every month

📆 Published Monday-Friday and a weekend wrapup on Sundays

💻️ Each newsletter is archived on our website and guarantees ongoing visibility through SEO and direct traffic channels


Open Rate

Our subscribers can't get enough of our content



Growing 2,500 subscribers per month on average


Opens per issue

They take action on what's important to them

Newsletter Placements 




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Ad media

Text length

150 words

75 words

35 words

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2 links

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1 link

Archived on web

Primary Ad

  • Exclusive to only one sponsor per newsletter

  • “Together with” logo at the top of the newsletter (high visibility) linked to your chosen URL

  • ~150 words of native editorial positioned between the day's two lead stories created in collaboration with advertising sponsor and our team

  • Opportunity to tell your brand’s story, drive sales / downloads / traffic, engage with your target audience in a trusted way

  • Each newsletter is promoted on social platforms (LinkedIn & Twitter) with a tag highlighting your company

  • Estimated clicks: 250-500 (depending on relevancy)

Secondary Ad

  • Exclusive to only one sponsor per edition

  • ~75 words of sponsored content positioned further down in the newsletter, offering a more affordable option for visibility.

  • Estimated clicks: 100-250 (depending on relevancy)

“Snippets” Ad

  • < 35 words of native editorial created in collaboration with advertising sponsor and our team accompanied by a single link

  • Nestled within the Editors' Picks bullets, offers a text-only advertising space ideal for press releases, ebooks, and sponsored articles.

  • Estimated clicks: 75-150 (depending on relevancy)

Advertising Prices

For detailed pricing information and to discuss your specific advertising goals, please contact our team at [email protected].

Please Note: There are no cancellations or reschedules due to timing, availability, and holding the date. We also reserve the right to decline any sponsors that aren't a good fit for CRE Daily. We also reserve the right to edit the copy to fit our advertising policies and house style.

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